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We are Yamkas

Since 2016, we have been working hard to make yoga equipment that elevates every yogi’s practice. Our mission is to use our standing as a leading lifestyle brand to make yoga, fitness and wellness accessible to all. So we at YAMKAS try to embrace every part of our perfectly imperfect selves – especially when it comes to yoga. That’s why we make yoga, fitness, and wellness products for you. Just as you are – from the beginner in you to the expert in you. The real you. Yoga changes lives, and if it changes enough lives, it changes the World. We start at home, in our environmentally and cat-friendly office, where we take Namaste seriously – working to see the devine light in every person who works at YAMKAS.

YAMKAS is a place where people are equally respected, regardless of gender, race, beliefs or sexual orientation. We practice what we preach. Literally.

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This is YAMKAS


Erik Bras and Martin Grazul
YAMKAS Cofounders

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