Find the best yoga for your body

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People who practice yoga are commonly thought of as being thin, toned, and flexible, but yoga can be practiced with any type of body. Yet each of the different yoga styles are often better suited for specific body types. Knowing which type of yoga practice is best for your type of body will ensure that you have a positive experience and more success in your practice.

The advice given will bring awareness to your body image and thus may bring up some uncomfortable feelings. Know that we are discussing body types as a general reflection of a person’s current physiology functioning. Our body shapes are influenced by many uncontrollable factors, including genetics and our surrounding environment. With dedication and sustained practice, yoga can transform your body and change your shape.

You will be more likely to stick with a yoga class if it fulfills your need for ease and comfort. The following tips are intended to provide general advice on what type of yoga class will be most accessible for your type of body. As your journey progresses, you may wish to explore other styles of yoga to fine-tune and further deepen your practice.