Maintaining cork

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Cork is a versatile and natural material. Yoga products that are made of or contain cork are not indispensable in the Yamkas yoga collection. To keep the cork product in an impeccable shape it needs to be cared for. It is self-evident, but the longer one waits with the maintenance, the bigger the chances are the material will get dirtier or cannot be cleaned anymore at all. To ensure that the cork can become entirely clean, maintenance should be applied as quickly as possible after each session. Read about the three cleaning methods below:

Method 1

One of the methods to care for the products is to use a damp cloth with warm water. It is important to ensure that the cloth is not soaking wet. Therefore, you should submerge it in a bowl filled with warm water or hold it under a running tap for a few seconds and then wring it out well. Then, pat the cloth firmly on the stains to remove as much dirt as possible.

Method 2

If you do not succeed to clean the cork with just the warm water, you can use mild soap. For this method, fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add the soap. Mix both together thoroughly and proceed to submerge the soft cloth in the mixture. Tightly wring out the cloth and pat or rub the stains again. The dirt that did not get removed with only the water will likely come of the cork more easily.

Method 3

Are the stains still not completely gone? Try removing them again with the aid of some baking powder and warm water. To use this method of maintenance you start by making a thick paste using the baking powder. You can do this by mixing it with some water and stirring it thoroughly. Then, apply the paste to the stain and let it sit for a short while. After the paste has set you should remove the paste from the cork using some water and the stains are gone.


After reading these three maintenance methods there are also a few don’ts. To prevent damaging your products or intensifying the stains, you can read three points below about things that you should avoid.

Not too much water

It is not recommended to submerge cork products in a container filled with water. With an excess of water there is a significant change that the structure of the cork will be affected, which rapidly reduces the quality of the material.

The washing machine is a no-go

Products made of cork cannot be washed in a washing machine. Not only will the cork products be completely submerged in water, they will also be shaken up significantly. This then largely increases the chances of the cork getting damaged.

Never scrub

Never use a scouring sponge or abrasive to remove stubborn dirt. Both the sponge and the abrasive can cause some serious damage. Because of this the cork can lose its original structure.