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    About Yamkas

    Yamkas is a lifestyle brand that develops yogapilates, and meditation supplies and everything around it, but we are more than that. At Yamkas we want to inspire people to practice meditation and yoga by offering high quality, ecological products. The name Yamkas stands for values that all our products have in common; Beauty and high-quality workmanship. It should be fun and look at and use our products. At the same time, from the beginning to the end of the production chain as well in all work processes, we pay attention to a resource-conserving approach to people and the environment. The Romans had long ago pronounced “mens sona corpore sano” a healthy mind in a healthy body. It still applies today. In fact, it seems to be increasingly important, and we are playing a role in that. Our mission is to inspire people to feel good en live better. We deliver superior yoga & meditation products and provide top-notch service. This is why we started, and that’s what we stand for!